Tomato Paste

veder supplies canned tomato paste

TOMATO PASTE comes from the concentration of fresh and ripe tomatoes, of what keeps the bursting aroma and the bright red colour.

They are available in different levels of concentration (18/20% – 22/24%       – 28/30% – 36/38%), sizes and packaging.

SizeNet weightUnits             per casePackaging             containerExternal packagingCartons per FCL20′
100 gr70 gr50 or 100Standard canCarton box4600 crts             (50 tins per carton)             or             2300 crts             (100 tins per carton)
200 gr140 gr50Standard canCarton box2300
250 gr210 gr48Standard canCarton box1700
500 gr400 gr24Standard canCarton box1900
1000 gr800 gr12Standard canCarton box1900
2500 gr2200 gr6 or 12Standard canCarton box1500 (6 tins per carton)             750 (12 tins per carton)
5000 gr4500 gr6Standard canCarton box750

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