Whole Peeled Tomatoes

veder supplies canned food whole peeled tomatoes
Whole peeled tomatoes are obtained from heat preparation of plum tomatoes: when they come to maximum ripeness, in order to preserve their flavourful aroma and freshness, they are picked and immediately processed: they are then peeled and immersed in fresh tomato juice.
We supply them in different sizes and packaging containers: both in the standard tin or in the easy open lacquered one.
Our clients can choose different ways of packing.

SizeNet weightDrained weightUnits             per casePackaging containerExternal packagingCartons             per palletCartons             per FCL20′
500 gr *400 gr240 gr8, 12 or 24Standard can **Carton box             or shrinkwrap721900
1000 gr *800 gr480 gr12Standard canCarton box             or shrinkwrap721900


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